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Is it worth it to install a home charger when your home electrical has to be upgraded to qualify for the EV Charger program?
It depends on what you mean when you talk about upgrading your home electrical systems.

There are probably two likely upgrades you are looking at:

Installing a plug or splitting an electrical connection so that you can charge from a dryer outlet, which will probably allow you to charge at the higher voltage level.
Upgrading the main wiring throughout your home to account for the increased draw.

It's unclear to me from this question (nor was I able to find out online what kinds of connectors the Nissan Leaf comes with, so it's also unclear to me whether you can plug into a dryer-style outlet).

In any case, upgrading your house to include another dryer outlet (the first option) is probably a few hundred dollars of work by an electrician. I have an electric car and our washer/dryer system is also in the garage, so we just did this - we have a little box that toggles between dryer and the car. Upgrading your house's wiring can be big project, because electrical mains need to be ripped out the walls and new ones installed. This might run you a couple thousand dollars.

Interesting, charging via your wall socket is entirely possible to live with assuming you are only taking short daily commuter trips (like in a city, rather than up and down the Peninsula). A lot of people fixate on the length of time it takes to complete a full charge, but you will rarely be charging the car all the way from empty to full - most of the time you will just be topping off about 20-25 miles, and you can do that by plugging the car in overnight, much as you do with your cell phone. That's rarely a big deal - you just plug it when you pull into the garage and detach it in the morning when you head out. The only drawbacks here are (1) if you forget to do it, you might be screwed the next day (there is no way to "fuel up quickly" the way you do with a gasoline-powered car) and (2) if you take a really long trip and have to do a full charge, you might not have enough to make another long trip the next day - although the car will be partially charged, so you can probably still make short trips that day.


Basically, you can use the wall socket option and get by, but you will probably have range anxiety because you'll constantly have to be making sure you've got your car plugged in whenever you're not using it - the more powerful charging option is mostly about peace of mind in knowing that your car will be fully charged in a few hours, well before you have to use it again.

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How Do I Choose A Home EV Charger?

With the recent growth of the electric car market (EV), we find many more level 2 home charging stations available making the decision to purchase more challenging than ever before. Considering the wide range of home chargers, it can be difficult to find one that fits your needs perfectly. If you're in the market for an EV charger for your home or office, you should be considering the following features.

  1. Type of Connector
  2. Smart Features and their respective utility
  3. Wall connection options
  4. Charging speed / Power & Amperage)
  5. Location...where are you going to have it installed, consider ease of access
  6. How long is your cable going to be...consideration of storage for long cables (Holsters are available)
  7. Locking system
  8. Warranty
  9. And not so important but consider Aesthetics.

Sourced: Quora

How Difficult Is It To Self-Install An EV Charger At My Home or Office?

Electric Car Chargers - There are both Pros and Cons of doing it your self or using a licensed electrician.

Installing your own electric car charging station can be very rewarding but also requires above average electrical knowledge and skill to avoid dangerous conditions. It's one thing to install an EV charging station in your own garage as long as you're the only one using it but extra care should be exercised if it is ever used by anyone else.

Because of possible liability, electrical safety issues are usually a high priority.

This can include things like installing electrical box or panel. While these issues are generally best dealt with by licensed electricians, these are usually issues that homeowners can deal with. If you purchase a commercially manufactured electric box, it must be installed by a licensed electrician. You must be confident that your electric box is correctly installed before using it as it can potentially harm both you and your vehicle if not properly installed. If there are any faults, they must be addressed by a licensed electrician. 

The major issue with electric car charging stations is that the owners are not necessarily the best people to deal with these issues. It is not necessarily a matter of a lack of skills but a matter of experience and perspective. When dealing with electrical issues, you are dealing with electrical things and electrical things are dangerous and can cause serious harm. If you are unsure of how to handle any electrical issue, including the installation of an electric car charging station (or even a Tesla charger)  do not attempt to deal with it yourself. Leave this to the pros. This is especially true when dealing with something as dangerous as electricity.

Mistakes can result in fires and explosions. It is for these reasons that insurance companies will very likely have issues with non-licensed installs of an electric car charger.

Because of this, it is very rare to find an electric car charger installation that is not poorly done. Even in the best cases, it is uncommon to find a professionally installed electric car charger installation that is free from mistakes. A professional installer must deal with dangerous electrical conditions. This is why mistakes can be potentially deadly. TheseThis is because it is nearly impossible to ensure that the electric car charger installation is safe. They do not have the experience dealing with these dangerous electrical conditions. As a result, their insurance claims are virtually certain to be denied. The only way to be certain that you get your car charged is to hire a licensed electrician. This is because if there are any problems, they can deal with them and get the electric car charger installation back up and running properly.


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